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26 February 2023 - CBS Sunday Morning - George Osterkamp, co-producer - to see more

Atheer, a refugee from Baghdad (2013)

The Public Eye Chat With George Osterkamp

"You produced one of the more popular YouTube videos in recent memory – John Blackstone's demonstration of the iPhone..." 

Iraqi cameraman Atheer one year later...

Pink Martini - Music of an Age

Bay Bridge Photographer

"You have always been the consummate professional and I have really enjoyed and appreciated all the work that we have done together."

--Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, 

Pilot & Aviation Safety Expert

After more than 33 years at CBS News, George Osterkamp says he wants to try something new.  Our producer in San Francisco since the day after the deadly 1989 Bay Area earthquake...

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