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What's the story? Sometimes you don't know until its unwinding in front of you. Often there's no time to implement the plan you had, so you have to go on instinct and experience. Your job is to make sense of the developing situation.​  

Location Scout

Having worked in 42 countries, George knows location. Contact him with your requirements.


There was a time when a CBS news producer showed up with a full crew-- cameraman, soundman, lighting director and a grip. As budgets got tight, producers got new skills, not only knowing what will look good on the screen but capturing it on camera.


The narrator gives the facts, the characters share their emotion. Telling a story in 60 seconds or sixty minutes, the art is knowing what to include, and what to cut out... and to get it done on deadline.

Learn the Art

You have 3 minutes on air. What do you script? What do you film? Who provides the facts? What provides the emotions? 

Video is now in everyone's hands, but what to say and how to say it is still an art. George is one of the most experienced in the industry. Join him to learn how to capture the raw and make it the story.

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